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DarkOrbit – Sign up for the intergalactic fight for freedom and victory

Man your ship and blast off in the free space MMO to join the millions of space pilots engaging in battle for intergalactic supremacy

Attention future captain! DarkOrbit needs you! Select your ship and man your battle station straight away to contribute to the human effort and defeat the alien scourge threatening mankind’s very existence. Join the fight as you roam the galaxy far and wide in command of your very own space ship. Enlist today in DarkOrbit, become a space pilot, swear allegiances to one of three factions, while teaming up with fellow players or forming clans to collect valuable resources and ensure both your faction’s success, as well as victory over scores of galactic vermin in the free-to-play space game for your computer’s browser!

Choose the Company you keep in the Galaxy

Malevolent aliens, however, are not the only source of danger in Bigpoint’s action-packed space MMO! In DarkOrbit, you begin your journey through space by choosing one of three rival factions - each with their own philosophy of gaining an edge in this interstellar fight. Go for glory using might and aggression in the Mars Mining Organization, wield financial superiority to achieve your goals in the Earth Industries Corporation or choose grace and guile to undermine your enemies in Venus Resources Unlimited. No matter your allegiance, your quest is the same: compile valuable resources to turn the tide of the galactic struggle and emerge victorious in this shooter full of intense space action.

Command the Ship of your Choice

Despite your affiliation to your faction, Bigpoint’s hit intergalactic browser game gives you a myriad of customization possibilities to put your own personal touch on your fight throughout space. DarkOrbit puts you in command - choose from a host of specialized ships: everything from vessels designed to lay quick waste to the enemy and swift maneuvering space ships designed to gather essential intel to lumbering contraptions of high-tech brawn that provide your allies with vital cover, while dealing out heavy damage to the target.

Join a Community of Millions of Dedicated Players

What truly sets DarkOrbit apart from the competition is You! Other browser games simply cannot compete with over 80 million active players blasting off each and every day. Thanks to you, DarkOrbit has achieved cult status among online space games. Join the fray alongside millions of like-minded space pilots or against a throng of imposing enemies hell bent on your destruction. Keep your weapons armed and ready – with danger lurking at every turn, a moment’s hesitation can be the difference between success or failure.

Take a Team to the Fight

The galaxies of one of the all-time favorite space shooters ever are fraught with danger, and players must keep on their guard while looking for resources, discovering new maps or trying to complete new missions. Join a clan of your friends and respected fellow pilots to increase your chances of survival versus hoards of imposing intergalactic beasts, or tackle the most daunting of quests to see you and your crew level up at light speed.



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